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Camp Ivrit - JCC Day Camps


Hebrew Immersion Progam 

Entering grades K-2 In Fall 2020
4-Week Session 1 or 2:
$1,540 MEM/$1,920 NON-MEM

Combine all the fun of JCC Day Camps while exposing campers to conversational Hebrew. 

Camp Ivrit is a Hebrew language immersion program that gives campers an opportunity to gain proficiency as they participate in the full Camp Kehilla schedule of activities – swim, sports, arts and crafts, and more. Campers learn to understand and speak Hebrew naturally, by listening to and speaking with their counselors and friends. Campers play, laugh, sing, swim, run and create in the warmth of a close-knit camp group. Campers come home each day proud of their new language skills – along with new friendships, great camp memories and a love of Hebrew.

Campers learn Hebrew by doing activities they already enjoy. Through art projects, campers discover Hebrew words for shapes and colors. Sports and dance expose campers to other Hebrew terms and phrases, which are continually reviewed and reinforced during each camp session.

Our counselors come from Israel and have been trained on the Camp Ivrit program. They have fluency in Hebrew as well as a strong understanding of child development.  By the last week of each session, most campers do more than understand a few word of Hebrew – they can speak “camp” Hebrew!

Camp Ivrit is a four week program presented in collaboration with Kayitz Kef using the language proficiency approach.  Campers will learn to speak Hebrew with the same schedule and activities Camp Kehilla campers enjoy. No Hebrew experience needed!  Kids have fun and build confidence regardless of any previous experience with Hebrew.

For more information contact the camp office at 248.432.5578 or

Space is limited.

Yael Feintuch

Camp Ivrit Program Leader

JCC Day Camps is happy to introduce Yael Feintuch, Camp Ivrit Program Leader. Yael and her family arrived a few months ago to Detroit from Israel. She is a Social Worker with a Clinical Masters degree in social work. Yael has worked for years in informal education in Israel with children of different ages and she is happy to be at JCC Day Camps and to help deepen Jewish identity here in Detroit. 

If you have any questions about Camp Ivrit, please contact Yael. 248.432.5559