Entering grades 1-4 In Fall 2020
PostW1 (August 17-21)
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Sababa is Hebrew slang for terrific, wonderful, great, amazing, cool! “How am I doing? Sababa!!”

What happens when you are walking down the street in Tel Aviv and someone asks you how you are feeling, and you are feeling great? You answer, “Sababa”!

What happens when a collaboration of Jewish organizations put their heads together to create a new innovative Jewish education initiative? The answer, “Camp Sababa of course!”

Camp Sababa is a unique camp setting where children (1-4 grade) and their families come together to learn, celebrate and enjoy Jewish life. In addition to traditional camp activities such as swimming, sports, arts and crafts, music, dance, and nature, campers will participate in experiential hands-on activities around the theme of “Shomrei Adamah: Taking Care of Our World”. Families are invited to join the fun for a Sunday Family day and Shabbat Family Dinner that will take place late Friday afternoon/evening.

Camp Sababa guiding principles include

  • Expanding time for Jewish learning
  • Power of collaboration
  • Power of Jewish community
  • Power of family
  • Power of experiential Jewish learning


For more information about Camp Sababa contact the camp office at 248.432.5578 or [email protected]

Participating Congregations

Camp Sababa is staffed by JCC Day Camps counselors along with clergy and educators from participating congregations. The program is a unique collaborative effort by the Jewish Community Center, Tamarack Camps, Temple Beth El, Temple Israel, Temple Kol Ami, Temple Shir Shalom, and Yachad: Congregation Beth Shalom and Temple Emanu El.

Scholarships are available.

Camp Sababa testimonials:

“Partnering with the JCC and other congregational educational leaders provided a think-tank where we could supplement the learning our students engaged in during the school year, combining the best of education with the best of camp. The thought was that it would be helpful for our students to explore their Jewish identity in partnership with others they would otherwise not have known outside of their congregation.”

  • Gail Greenberg, Director of Lifelong Learning at Temple Kol Ami


Our Beth El students had an amazing experience at Camp Sababa. They loved being immersed in Jewish themes while doing all the best camp activities like swimming, sports, arts and more. We are hoping this one week experience will lead to our families being more likely to choose Jewish overnight camps as their children grow older.”

  • Deborah Morosohk, Director of Education at Temple Beth El


“Temple Israel was excited to partner with the JCC on Camp Sababa this summer in order to provide additional informal Jewish engagement opportunities for our families. Our campers had an amazing week – they loved getting to know other Jewish children in the community, learning new songs and cheers, and exploring themselves and their Jewish world!”

  • Rabbi Arianna Gordon, Director of Education and Lifelong Learning at Temple Israel


“My own children loved camp Sababa. They were able to be together in one small group and spend the day playing, singing, learning, swimming, and having fun all in a Jewish environment. They were so proud of the beautiful family book they made and presented to us at the end of the week, when all the families celebrated Shabbat together. It was SABABA!” 

  • Rabbi Jennifer Kaluzny, Temple Israel Rabbi


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