S1W1 Ceramics Camp – Campers will learn multiple techniques for manipulating clay and explore the glazing and firing process.  Projects include pinch pot monsters, seascape titles, graffito bowls, and much more!  Campers who are enrolled in both Ceramics and Sculpture will create small ceramic objects that will be added to their sculptures the following week!

S1W2 Sculpture Camp – Go beyond two dimensions and dive into the third dimension of form!  Campers will learn about making forms with internal armature, paper mache’ desserts, robots out of recycled materials and displays with hanging elements.  Campers enrolled in Ceramics the week prior will use their ceramic’s objects to add to their sculptures.

S1W3 Painting Camp – Campers will paint a still life, an abstract painting, and after a visit to the Janice Charach Gallery at the JCC, we will paint an observation inspired painting.  This unique experience allows campers to paint what inspires them and opens up endless creativity.

S1W4 Cartooning Camp Do you have a character that you love to draw?  Would you like to explore the behind the scenes creation of Marvel, Anime, and graphic novels?  Then this is the camp for you!  Campers will learn from a professional illustrator on how to develop your own cast of characters in a take-home sketchbook.  Create one large final Splash Panel.


S2W1 Where Can Art Take Us? Camp – Campers will take field trips to places like the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Janice Charach Gallery.  Campers will carry sketch books, make thumbnail sketches of pieces that inspire them, and create works back at camp based on what they saw!  Campers will get to use paint, colored pencil, oil pastel, chalk pastel, and pen and ink.

S2W2 Paint Your Cake and Eat It Too Camp-  For the very first time the art and cooking specialty camps are coming together to create a fantastic week of fun in the kitchen and the art room.  During “Paint Your Cake and Eat It Too” campers will create food-inspired art and then recreate those artworks into edible creations.  We will complete our week with a gallery showcase where campers can invite family and friends to see and taste their art and creations.

S2W3 Textiles Camp – Campers will explore textiles with projects like hand sewing, wet felting, embroidery, and fabric dyeing.  They will use the projects they make to create fashion designs and illustrations.  This came is for those interested in cool wearable art!

S2W4 Multi-Medium Camp – Campers will use paint, textiles, ink, embroidery, stationary cutouts, photography, and much more to create beautiful images.  By layering different forms of artwork, campers will create pieces with multiple facets of interest.  They will decide their topic to explore and collect items they would like to include in their pieces!