Session One:

S1W1 Robotics 101- Robotics 101 is a hands-on experience for all campers that want to learn the basics of engineering and science applications behind functional robots.  This camp offers each camper the opportunity to build real functioning robots that harness energy from our sun!  Each day campers will learn how to build and design functional mechanics needed to bring our robots to life.

S1W2 STEAM – STEAM Camp is a fun, exciting way to not only learn science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics, but to make it.  You will create it and you build it!  Our campers will learn how to problem sole by using STEAM techniques.  They will build everything from moving cars, functional bridges, and rockets all while learning the science behind it.  This camp offers something for every child at any level of development.

S1W3 Shark Tank- Ever wonder what it would be like to step in front of billionaires hoping they will buy your product?  Shark Tank offers our campers the opportunity to creatively design a product that could be the next big thing.  Campers will get to test their product and pitch their invention to our very own Shark Tank panel.  This is a fun exciting camp that teaches campers to be young entrepreneurs and skills that can be used in real life applications.  Could you be the next millionaire?

S1W4 Techno 101 – Do you have a camper who is tech crazy?  This camp offers a wide range of tech-based activities that will allow your camper to run wild in the technology world.  Activities will include designing and playing games, coding, building robots, creating apps, working with digital art, media, 3D printing among others.  This will be a jam-packed exciting week with technology bursting at the seams.


Session Two:

S2W1 Robotics 201- Bring on the serious robotics fanatic!  This camp is a great way to dive deeper into the world of robotics as campers figure out the inner working of robots.  We will take a more complete dive into how robots walk, bend, more and are programmed for functionality.  Campers will have the opportunity to create a more advanced style of robot that they will take home at the end of camp.

S2W2 Little Coders- Our coding camp is a great opportunity for campers to develop a computational way of thinking.  Little coders will have the opportunity to have fun with friends while learning to build their first program.  Campers will be introduced to basic coding concepts in a variety of ways.  This includes playing coding board games to building their first game or animated story.  After the camp is completed campers will have the opportunity to share their projects with family and friends.

S2W3 Techno 201 – If your camper loved Techno 101 they will love a deeper look into technology-based tools.  This camp will focus on functional uses of technology and how they are applied to real life applications.  Your camper will still get the same amazing experience of creating, designing, and playing games and programs as they filter through a vast world of future technology.

S2W4 Ooey Gooey – Calling all gooey scientists!  The lab is open and prepped for the camper who is looking for an ooey gooey, science filled week of hands on excitement.  Let your camper dig their hands into mysterious icky and sticky materials while exploring the wacky world of science.  This introductory science camp will have your camper exploring different substances, chemical reactions, states of matter, and even launching their very own homemade rockets