S1W1 Dance Camp- Campers travel to Studio A (Walled Lake) to improve skills and technique, while exploring creativity!  Campers choose a different style of dance each day and choreograph their own dances.  Staffed by Studio A instructors.

S1W2 School of Rock Camp- We have partnered with School of Rock Camp where campers will learn to play classic rock songs that have been simplified for beginner musicians.  School of Rock instructors will help teach the concepts and skills behind camper performance songs.  The goal of this program is to develop a basic competence on camper’s chosen instruments for the week.  Campers will be dropped off/picked up at the JCC and transported to the School of Rock Camp (in Farmington Hills) each day.

S1W3 Film Making Camp – Lights, Camera, Action! Get ready to make a short film from start to finish that will even have a chance to air on TV.  Campers will get to be part of preproduction, help storyboard the projects and have a chance to act and assist with the filming.  Each camper will receive an edited copy with soundtrack, special effects, and of course…bloopers!

S1W4 Gymnastics Camp- Campers will have fun jumping, flipping, swinging, and twisting their way through different gymnastics stations, events, and circuits at American Allstars.  Campers will use the bars, balance beams, trampoline, vault, and tumbling floor.  They will work on skills like handstands, cartwheels, round offs, bridges, back bends, pullovers, straight body swings, muscle hangs, walking different directions on the beams, mounts & dismounts, how to hit a springboard, vaulting drills, and lots of jumping on the trampoline!  Staffed by American Allstars gymnastics coaches.


S2W1-4 J Players Summer Stock Theater Camp- This 4-week session of the Performing Arts Camp offers children the opportunity to be a part of a full scale theatre production.  We are excited to be applying for the never before seen production of Moana Jr.  From acting work to choreography and voice training to “behind the scene” opportunities, each component of this camp helps to build self-esteem as well as confidence.