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COVID Policies - JCC Day Camps

COVID Policies

As we enter into our first official week of camp we want to take a moment to share our COVID policies and procedures we are practicing at this time.  We will follow the COVID requirements and recommendations of Oakland County Health Department (OCHD).


Notify the camp office that your camper has COVID.  Camper must remain out of camp for 5 days and can return on day 6 if symptoms are improving.  Camper will be required to wear a mask on days 6-10.  Day 1 is the day after symptoms began or the day after a positive test result if asymptomatic. 


In an effort to mitigate further spread, campers will need to test to attend camp when COVID is present in our camp community on days 1, 3 and 5.  While this is not required by OCHD, it does come recommended by them as an extra layer of protection.  A negative COVID test will need to be taken and submitted to the camp nurse on day 1, 3 and 5 for them to continue attending camp.  If one of these days falls on the weekend you do not need to test on that day unless your child is exhibiting symptoms.  The test can be a rapid test performed at home.  Please send a picture of the negative test and your campers name to  Negative test results need to be submitted prior to the camper arriving at the bus stop or at camp. 

Beginning today, we will send 2 tests home with each camper.  Each week, tests will be sent home with new campers as they join our camp.  More tests can be requested as needed by contacting the camp nurse. 


If someone in your home has COVID we will also practice the test to stay at camp procedure listed above.  In addition, your camper will need to be masked for days 1-10.  If your camper is unable or unwilling to mask they need to remain at home for 5 days and can return on day 6 with a negative COVID test.


Masks are not required while outdoors or indoors within our individual bunk groups.  Your camper should always have a mask available in case we need to move indoors and have all camp gathering such as drop off and pick up.

If your camper is exposed to a positive case, OCHD recommends wearing a mask for 10 days when in a community/social setting such as camp.  We will be requiring a mask for an exposure when they are indoors and while on the bus for the 10 days following an exposure. 


If your camper  has had COVID in the past 90 days, we will accept a copy of the positive test result from a facility or physicians office that is dated within 90 days.  This is the only form of documentation we will accept. 

Should you have any questions, please free to contact us at